Young Sook-Synn

Artist Reception: Friday July 16, 2010 6-8pm

July 14, 2010 through July 24, 2010

Korean based artist Young Sook-Synn explores the tension of simplicity and complexity through her unique process of combining abstract painting with minimal structure. Her canvas surfaces are built up with geometrical frames discarded from plastic toy moulds, which are then covered with layers of Korean paper and sand.  She pours and drips dyes to form organic shapes over the underlying geometric design. Sharing the concept of reincarnation, Sook-Synn’s art transforms what could have once been considered waste.

Young Sook-Synn received her BFA at the Sang Myung University and later her MFA at the Graduate School Of Ewha Womans University in Seoul.  Young Sook-Synn has exhibited in New York at SOHO20, Iron Cast Gallery and Ward Nasset Gallery; and in Seoul at Ae Kyung Gallery, Hu in Gallery, Kwan Gallery, EIDOS, Duk Won Gallery and the Se Jong Cultural Center among others. Her most recent solo exhibition was part of the Art Nimes “International Modern Art Fair” with Athena T. Gallery Paris in Nimes France in 2002.   She also participated in NY Studio Gallery’s 1st Annual ARTcamp 2006 residency program. Young Sook-Synn currently lives and works in Seoul Korea.

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