Featuring work by Scott Dolan and Mildred Beltre

September 6, 2007 through September 29, 2007

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Cobble, a two-person exhibit with New York based artists Scott Dolan and Mildred Beltré.  The large abstract works of Ms. Beltré and the figurative works of Mr. Dolan are like individual jigsaw pieces from different ends of the puzzle, or life seen through micro and macro lenses, each illustrating a different view of the same scene.

Scott Dolan’s narrative images depict characters engaged in intimate if somewhat unusual daily activities in situations that are at once unlikely, humorous and compelling. His awkwardly domestic scenes painted in oil or egg tempera or drawn in washy inks evoke moments of uncertainty tinged with unsolved mystery, romantic longing, loss and regret.

Mildred Beltré works within abstraction and repetition creating larger pieces using predetermined shapes as the building blocks to create self-organizing systems. Ms. Beltré’s drawings develop lush, complicated rhythms using a few simple forms subjected to a few simple rules.

Artists’ Reception: Thursday, September 13, 2007.

Opening Photos

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