In Bloom

works by Emmy Mikelson

Artist’s Reception: Friday April 3, 7 - 9pm

April 2, 2009 through May 2, 2009

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present In Bloom works by Emmy Mikelson. Utilizing various meanings of the break down of body and language, Mikelson constructs installations and drawings based on animality and anthropomorphisms. While applying a baroque aesthetic, the texture and physicality of the work explores the physical body in a state of becoming. 

The sculpture, Coyote, is an installation of mutated coyote forms.  The foam mannequins are manipulated and re-cast several times to create conglomerate bodies, which exhibit replicated heads, limbs, torsos, etc. The gestures created by the bodies compose a strained and writhing orgiastic mass where the internal and external become enmeshed, resulting in the extroversion of the subject.

Her two-dimensional work consists of small wall reliefs and ink drawings.  The series of gold-leafed panels, titled Hosted, reference Byzantine iconography as well as tumorigenesis.  The gold-leafed plane is literally ruptured by red, visceral masses.  These abstractions of flesh posit corporeality as primordial remnants, anterior to language and throwing rationality out of balance. Throughout her work the singularity of the subject is in question and is seen as a fracturing and rhizomatic tableau.  Any sense of self is addressed as “a disturbing impulse of strangeness, an attempt at an excrescent infinity” (Jean-Luc Nancy, The Intruder).

Recipient of the Reality Gallery American Slide-All 2008: Solo Exhibition at NY Studio Gallery

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