Body Accounts

works by Yen-Hua Lee

Artist’s Reception: Friday March 13, 7 - 9pm

March 5, 2009 through March 29, 2009

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Body Accounts: Works by Yen-Hua Lee. Using the space inside of her figures as a platform for her work, Lee’s narratives are taken from stories, dreams and memories. Lee utilizes various media as a vehicle for her illustrations, from the pages of old books to etched ceramic pieces, to an installation of drawings under glass. 

Through her illustrations, the artist recreates friends’ stories or uses her own.  Ms. Lee states: “Our body is a container. It not only has our organs inside, but also holds memories of our life.  At one time my friends told me about sadness in their lives. We need a strong home (body/container) to protect us. I try to open my mind to find the kinds of memories (funny, sad, etc.) that I can use in my drawings.” 

Having spent her early life on a farm in rural Taiwan, Lee identifies strongly with Taiwan’s local culture. Her first artistic medium was Chinese calligraphy and her intimate ink drawings are deeply influenced by this traditional art form.

Recipient of the Reality Gallery American Slide-All 2008: Solo Exhibition at NY Studio Gallery

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