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March 31, 2013


After five and a half years in business, NY Studio Gallery will close its physical location at Stanton and Suffolk Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Please contact info@nystudiogallery.com for more information about previous exhibitions, artists and artwork.


K. M. Copham started NY Studio Gallery in 2006 in the front part of her art studio in a well- known gallery building in Chelsea. It quickly became a shared studio space and a blossoming commercial art gallery that embodied K. M. Copham’s philosophy of artistic collaboration, inspiration, and transparency in the artist selection process.


In 2008, the space re-opened in a larger street-level storefront in the Lower East Side.  NYSG has hosted a wide range of innovative exhibits, including last year’s American debut of the English artist Charming Baker, the Queens College MFA exhibition, and recurring shows by Native-American junk sculptor Alan Wadzinski.


NY Studio Gallery created a number of unique programs to foster its mission. The “Reality Gallery” was an American Idol-style artist selection contest that invited artists from around the globe to submit work to be voted on by the public for a solo show.  The studio residency program ARTcamp offered workspace within the New York gallery for two summer months, and included artists from Europe, Asia and Canada.  MISC: Video and Performance was a recurring program that showcased artists working in new media and performance, ranging from video, animation, live performance, and audio/video installation. A Studio Residency Program was established in 2009 within the gallery space, and LZ Project Space, an annex of NYSG opened March 2010 providing an intimate venue for highly specific projects, such as the recent collaboration between Olek and video artist Devan Harlan.


NYSG had no formal roster of artists, instead focusing on exhibition opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists.  Some of the artists exhibited include: aricoco (Ari Tabei), Charming Baker, Charlotte Becket, James Boyd-Brent, Ernest Concepcion, K. M. Copham, de la Haba, Scott Dolan, Arielle Falk, Clea Felien, Melanie Fischer, David Friedman, Rebecca Goyette, Stanislav Ginzburg, Abby Goodman, Kim Holleman, Eunjung Hwang, Charlotta Janssen, Zev Jonas, Jayson Keeling, Ibn Kendall, Laura Kimpton, Tine Kindermann, Yuliya Lanina, Lisa Lebofsky, Jeong Julia Lee, Yen-Hua Lee, Andrew MacDonald, Rachel Madden, Emmy Mikelson, Rose Nestler, Robert O’Connor, Manuel Olias, Carlos Rodal, Heidi Russell, Devlin Shea, Toni Silber-Delerive, Rachel Stokoe, The Shining Mantis, and Alan Wadzinski.


K M Copham

de la Haba


Ibn Kendall


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