Disjointed Terrains

Artists Reception: Wednesday September 9, 7-9pm

Works by: Stanislav Ginzburg, Kim Holleman, Lisa Lebofsky, Asya Reznikov, Joseph Smolinski; Curated by: Zeina Assaf

September 3, 2009 through October 3, 2009

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Disjointed Terrains. This group exhibition brings together works depicting un-sublime frontiers from modern day realities of interventions with nature to imaginary dystopic landscapes.
Stanislav Ginzburg's photographs and video reflect a state of mind or unreal scenes where daydreams, memories, and flashbacks replace the real-time environmental encounters.
 In blending art, science, technology, and architecture Kim Holleman addresses concepts of utopia, utilitarianism and environmentalism. She examines our relationship to conceptual and physical space by co-opting found physical forms and changing them physically with new matter, created and found.
While using aluminum as her canvas, Lisa Lebosky paints landscapes strewn with devastation fluctuating from a portrayal of tragedy to a realm of disassociation and contemplation.
Asya Reznikov layers culturally specific imagery, situations, and artifacts into unexpected combinations aiming to diminish the gap between different cultural realities. In her work she creates places that are a fusion of elements from actual locations, built models and imaginary structures.
The subjects in Joseph Smolinski’s drawings include parasitic cell tower trees that populate the landscape and spinning tree turbines that question the notion of control of the environment and envision an optimistic and apocalyptic view of the future.


Opening Photos

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