REALITY GALLERY: American Slide-All

Come by the gallery to see last years recipients and vote for this year!

March 18, 2010 through April 10, 2010

For those who wonder how commercial galleries decide who and what to exhibit, NY Studio Gallery (NYSG) has demystified the selection process with Reality Gallery: American Slide-All (RGASA). This exhibit spoofs reality-based shows so popular in today's mass media through a contest that encourages widespread participation by national and international artists, increasing their exposure and offering a chance at a solo exhibition in New York City.

How does the Reality Gallery work?  Now in its fourth year and increasing in popularity, NYSG's judges panel narrows the field from nearly four hundred to as many as thirty finalists.  The top two finalists are awarded a solo exhibit.  The remaining finalists' images and exhibition concepts are included in a group slideshow within the gallery.  The gallery-going public is invited to vote on their favorite work and the resulting winner is awarded a “People’s Choice” solo exhibition at NY Studio Gallery.  NYSG accepts submissions in all media from emerging, mid-career and established artists worldwide.

Works will also be on display by the winners of last year’s Reality Gallery contest: Ernest Concepcion, Eunjung Hwang and Charlotta Janssen.

Ernest Concepcion has an underground reputation for rendering pastoral, warring landscapes peopled by meticulous caricatures of high-density sci-fi populations on canvas, he boldly moves into in a new series of aluminum paintings that focus on a single event—the detonation of the atomic bomb.

Eunjung Hwang's characters represent unique combinations of digital and physical form. Her projects start by creating a variety of characters derived from personal dreams and subconscious imagery. Fantasy narratives unfold as the characters act out their roles within a structure interwoven by dream logic attempting to formalize a larger and more intangible narrative.

Charlotta Janssen re-imagines discarded and archival photographs of poor and working class Americans taken before, during and after the Great Depression. While at once cautionary, the images celebrate both the individual dignity and group solidarity of the subjects while capturing the flavor of the times.

Finalists: Eric Ayotte, Allyson Block, Dick Brewer, Mike Estabrook, Arielle Falk, Joseph Farbrook, Abby Goodman, Cho Heejung, Roxanne Jackson, Vandana Jain, Michelle Kaufman, Tine Kindermann, Susan Kirby, D.Dominick Lombardi, Julie Anne Mann, Alexander Mendelevich, Nelson Randell, SoukJin Park, Benjamin Pederson, Lai-Chung Poon, Thaddeus Radell, Cindy Rehm, Christopher Robbins, Jamison Sarteschi, Brian Spolans, Rachel Stokoe, Haewon Yoo.

Our panelists included Kristen Copham, owner of of NY Studio Gallery, Felicity Hogan, Executive Director of Artists Alliance, Inc and Al Wadzinski, artist and previous RGASA recipient.  The panel along with studio visits by NY Studio Gallery staff determined the two Solo Exhibition 2010 artists to be Ari Tabei and Andrew MacDonald, and the artist-in-residence Suhee WoohThe public will select the third Solo Exhibition through RGASA.

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