1,3,8 Characters

works by Eunjung Hwang

Artist Reception: Wednesday November 18 , 7 - 9pm

November 12, 2009 through December 13, 2009

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present 1,3,8 Charaters: animation, sculpture and drawings by Eunjung Hwang. These works are inspired by the concept of animism, where all objects even those regarded by science as 'inanimate' possess a soul and unique personal character.

Hwang's characters represent unique combinations of digital and physical form. Her projects start by creating a variety of characters derived from personal dreams and subconscious imagery. Fantasy narratives unfold as the characters act out their roles within a structure interwoven by dream logic. This method attempts to formalize a larger and more intangible narrative. The works are meant to be enjoyed like rhythmic structure of music rather than as a readable story.


Recipient of the Reality Gallery American Slide-All 2009: Solo Exhibition at NY Studio Gallery



Eunjung Hwang

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