Self-Portraits: Photography by Heidi Russell

Closing Artist Reception: Thursday May 24th 6-8 pm

May 3, 2007 through May 26, 2007

NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Self Portraits by Heidi Russell.  Ms. Russell’s photography is characterized by her expressive exploration of light and how it links the psychological aspects of humanity to our physical environment. 

Ms. Russell’s work reveals her intrigue with subtle messages that are intensified by what she has coined “the language of light”.  Her mysterious portraits often require a closer look:  she is the shadow cast on an ancient stone carving, or the complex layered reflections in store windows, or the painterly faces shining from a marble surface.  Her self portraits offer a secretive glimpse into the internal world through a rigorous examination of the external world.  Ms. Russell trains a carefully observant eye on both worlds to uncover the unexpected through the surprising interplays between light, shadow, reflection and color.

Curated by Dorothy Krakauer

Heidi Russell


Opening Photos

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