Lamentations And Dreams Of Eternity

Andrew MacDonald

Reception: February 18, 2011 7-9pm

February 17, 2011 through March 19, 2011


NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present Lamentations And Dreams Of Eternity, Canadian artist Andrew MacDonald’s first solo exhibit in New York. The exhibition contains a duality suggested by the title referencing several eras of sculptural production for historic quotation, including the Baroque, High Modernism and Minimalism. Oscillating between craft and fine art, the artist’s knitted sculpture reflects pathos and humor as a mechanism of engagement for the viewer. Dealing with the theatrical nature of the figure and gesture, he illustrates the concept of fallibility through a series of abstract forms and anthropomorphic characters.


MacDonald’s raw materials are household objects - plastic storage containers, refuse receptacles, and yarn.  He then alters and re-contextualizes these once-ordinary objects, creating aesthetic and formal links with modern and minimal sculpture. He produces textiles on a low-tech knitting machine which serve as the ‘skins’ for his sculpture and reflect a haptic association, warmth and comfort, as they are normally seen and used as clothing for the body, specifically ‘kitsch’ sweaters.


Andrew MacDonald

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