Tobechi Tobechukwu

I chose my camera as a weapon against all things I dislike about America – poverty, racism and discrimination.
Gordon Parks, photographer, artist, and author of A Choice of Weapons.

My creative development and artistic growth are passions that I continually strive to push and strengthen. Since I began studying photography over 10 years ago, my work has been focused on capturing the essence of humanity through the medium of black and white photography – in both natural, spontaneous settings and in more artistically created and controlled situations.

That creative process has emerged as both a disciplined and organic, spontaneous movement evolving from one idea to another. Within this evolution, I attempt to deal with social issues that have integrity and love, as well as a hope for a better tomorrow. This matures me as a human being first, and then, as an artist.

Meeting my subjects everywhere I go, I am always looking to capture my next image. Oftentimes, it is not the most beautiful subject I seek. Rather, it is the most interesting. Because of that, my work encompasses a diversity of elements, including location (Senegal), subject matter (humans in cages and boxes) and themes (erotica and reparations).

In this search, my level of consciousness of racial, ethnic and gender injustices and disparities that persist in today’s society has been greatly raised. In addition, oppression has been an integral component of my life and community for as long as I can remember. It has then become my duty and social responsibility to bring about positive growth in the community – in a nonviolent, enriching and peaceful manner. Through my photography, I am on an artistic mission create dialogue and promote social change.

I see a world that not many see or experience. That leads many to not recognize what I see in a subject until they observe the finished image. In a sense, they are now seeing through my lens).

It is through this lens, that I work to create dialogue and serve as an impetus for social change, reconciliation and healing. It is through this lens that I hope to continue erasing the color lines that fragment our society and images and replace it with fluid beauty and hope.


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