Melanie Fischer

Retreating from the frightening and depressing reality of life has become a national obsession. We put on our headphones and walk around in our own personal pleasure pods; we lose ourselves in the Internet and with virtual experiences. We have a lust for escapism. Technology has given us endless exposure to events in the world and yet all this awareness is too great for us to handle. Instead of dealing emotionally or practically with the war in Iraq, genocide in Darfur, global warming, the AIDS crisis, homelessness in our own neighborhoods, our own depressions or our relationship problems, we fixate on celebrity mishaps, reality TV, or the latest video on itube. We numb our senses that are overwhelmed with the world’s problems that today’s technology bombards us.

My artwork responds to this phenomenon by creating my own natural retreats. I use materials that would not exist without technology such as astro turf and printed fabrics, but I use these materials to create actual experiences, not virtual ones; places where the senses are more acute, not numbed. They are contemporary Edens, where we can experience anew.

Drawing from the original Eden, I make installations that are derived from nature, pulling the viewer into an immediate visual and tactile experience. My sculptures that make up my worlds are generally sewn fabric covering wire and piping frames with stitching to create textures. Working with fabric adds to the feelings of warm reminiscence. My work expresses feeling of childhood, a longing for simpler, more emotionally present times. Bright colors, scale, and fabric lure viewers into nostalgic, safe worlds that increase in complexity upon deeper inspection. My refuges ignite our anesthetized senses.


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Bird over Flower

Bird with Flowers

Cloud over Landscape


Flowers Over Landscape

Flying Eagle


Mother Tree

Mother Tree

Pink Bird and Flower


Tree with Cloud




Bird and Flower

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