James Boyd-Brent

My work consists of explorations of landscape in watercolor, drawings, and intaglio. I try to express an underlying experience of animation and sacredness in the world, including a sense of history, movement, presence, and sensation. My exploration of landscape has focused mainly on the everyday world in the place I live — and a search for the most engagingly beautiful places and feelings in this local landscape.  The landscape artists I admire seem to effortlessly express this freshness and sense of possibility —of what has happened and what may yet happen in the physical world.

Each plate starts with drawings from memory. I carefully memorize the details of forms in the landscapes I know, so as not to be distracted by too many details. I like the labor-intensive characteristic of making intaglio prints — it takes time. The more you work on the copper plate, the more it takes on dimension, a bit like a low relief sculpture. And when inking up the plate surface, it can be carefully wiped in order to get the most texture and nuance and sense of light in the final image.

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A Community Garden, Minneapolis

Animals, Minnesota

Down a Street

Hooves, Minnesota

Minneapolis Bridges

On Pike Island

On the River

Seth Eastman's View of Ft Snelling

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