Charlotta Janssen

Charlotta Janssen current series revisits images from before, during and after The Great Depression.
She attempts to show the individuality of people who lived through those bitter years, without pity or sentimentality, revisiting and echoing the current plight of poverty that - in America's present state of orgiastic worship of excess - has until recently been largely ignored. Janssen works in acrylic, oil and rust blending these mediums to produce canvasses that  recall the fantastic archives of deteriorating photographs of an era past.

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Though Myrtle Had Made Her Hair, She Didn't like Her Picture Taken, Thirties (2007)

I want to Thank Bank of America for my Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Two Girls with a Box by the Tracks

Harlem Swim Team (homage to James Van Der Zee), Twenties, (2006)
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