Julia Baum

Spurred by a rumor that redheads are going extinct, Julia Baum began documenting her red haired subjects to preserve their legacy. The artist states, "As redheads, we are used to being one in a crowd and regularly noted for our appearance. Experiencing life in this way from infancy through adulthood influences who we are. As a natural redhead, I know our rare coloring affects more than just our appearance. As only 1% of the entire human population, our red hair is a relevant topic from day one."

Throughout the series, the red hair gene is constant, however the effects vary and each personality within the series exemplifies a unique manifestation. In A Rare Breed, Baum examines the outward character her subjects present. While photographing individuals in front of a simple white background, Baum captures the intrigue of the redhead and investigates their individual complexities.

Julia Baum was the 2007 Reality Gallery winner. The work she submitted was a photographic exploration of a set of suburban tract homes located in Santa Clara, California. They were built during the 1950's and structured from the same architectural plan. This sort of terrain was first documented in the New Topography movement of the 1970's. Baum states, "As I take a second look at these neighborhoods, I've found vast differences in what was once a uniform typology. Over the past 50 years these Houses have transformed from modest white cubes into a vibrant display of personality and present a rebellion against conformity. My work asserts that human individuality cannot be contained. Inevitably it shines through even the most average façade."


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