Toni Silber-Delerive

Realistic in my perception and approach, I paint aerial views that represent the diverse places and spaces of the contemporary landscape. Pursuing this novel approach to picture making, one discovers in the aerial vantage-point, a modern perspective and fresh visual vocabulary. It offers a viewpoint of reduced depth and a different perspective, creating less predictable detail and more abstract shapes while retaining the essence of the area. Drawing from the elevated position of high-rise buildings and commercial jets, I produce images of cities and towns, factories and farmlands, power plants, pastures, and woodlands. More than just a recording of the contemporary landscape, it is my interpretation and vision.

The paintings combine elements of abstraction and representation, pattern and grid, surface and illusion, as well as observation, imagination, and memory. Whether hovering vertiginously above city streets and highways, floating serenely over the countryside, or soaring above towns, harbors, and monuments, I examine the relationships between the man-made and the natural, urban and rural, agrarian and industrial, and the worlds of power, labor, and leisure.


Tony Silber-DeleRive was the Third Place Winner for our Reality Gallery: American Slide-All 2007. She has been awarded a Solo Exhibition for 2008.


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Ohio Suburb

Manhattan Rooftops



Empty Pool in Las Vegas

Philadelphia Utility Plant


The Gates

NJ Water Park

Airport and Station

Church Tower Road

Australia Suburb

Circular Developments

Nottinghamshire Coalmine

Paper Factory in Bavaria
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